Woly Leather Liquid Shoe Stretcher


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Woly Leather Liquid Shoe Stretcher

New shoes pinching in a certain area? Boots that little bit too small? Woly Shoe Stretch Spray is a special mousse formula which makes the leather soft and supple, whilst providing the shoe with a much more comfortable fit for the wearer. The special mousse formula allows for a smooth and easy application, whilst providing almost instantaneous results!

The benefits of using Woly Shoe Stretcher

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Shoe Stretcher:
– Mousse spray
– Does not crack or fade the leather
– Makes leather soft and supple to create a more comfortable fit
– Amazing results
– Long lasting
– Easy to use

How to use Woly Shoe Stretcher

To get the best results from Woly Shoe Stretcher, follow our simple guide below:

– Shake Shoe Stretch before use and in a well ventilated room you can begin.
– Spray the mousse formula into the shoe and leave for roughly 5-10 minutes to allow time for the formula to absorb into the leather
– After this time, add a shoe tree or shoe stretcher to allow for a crease free, soft stretched leather result
– If you do not have a shoe tree or stretcher, wear a pair of thick socks to gently stretch the leather until satisfied
– After a while the shoe will be dry and will be more comfortable for the wearer.

Happy Customers

“I handed in a pair of brown shoes to be polished and restored. They were completely transformed.
I think they even look better than the day I bought them. Saved me from buying new ones.
Fast and friendly service. Would recommend.”

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1. Do a proper job and 2. Not to rip me off!
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