Saphir Everest Vegan Dubbin


Saphir Everest Vegan Dubbin

Originally designed for mountain climbers in 1920, this 100% vegetable oil dubbin will protect your shoes and leather accessories from extreme weather conditions such as Water, Snow, and Dirt. It is vegan friendly and will not darken shoes like some animal oil formulations will.

  • 100% Vegetable Oil Formulation made up of 7 natural ingredients such as sesame oil and rice wax.
  • Ideal for smooth leather, greasy leather, and nubuck.
  • Made in France

Happy Customers

“I handed in a pair of brown shoes to be polished and restored. They were completely transformed.
I think they even look better than the day I bought them. Saved me from buying new ones.
Fast and friendly service. Would recommend.”

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